EyeSucceed, a Glass Partner, brings together the power of smart glasses and augmented intelligence to transform how the food industry addresses real-world challenges like high labor costs, employee training and consistent execution.


EyeStreaming allows you to improve efficiency with real-time, two-way communication via livestreaming for inspections, training and demonstrations.

Livestreaming allows real-time, hands-free communication over any distance. The technology provides the benefits of two-way global communication of both video and audio. The smart glasses wearer can talk to a remote viewer hands-free and view images or video messages on the device’s visual display. The remote viewer − via computer, smartphone or tablet − sees the other person’s point of view through the lens of the wearable device.

Food industry applications using livestreaming with smart glasses are limitless and include remote expert assistance during field operations, food safety audits, seafood quality inspections, supplier quality calibration and more.
Other key benefits of livestreaming include lower travel costs for the business and increased efficiency by allowing experts to be “virtually” on-site anywhere in the world at any time.


Incorporate smart glasses technology into training solutions that deliver consistent, measurable results.

EyeSucceed creates unique training programs using smart glasses technology paired with food industry-specific software applications. EyeTraining (patent pending) creates an interactive, hands-free learning experience for employees, who can freely move around their workstations. They will learn directly and intuitively with the assistance of prompts from training modules prepared specifically for this modality.

EyeTraining is cost effective, allowing senior employees to tackle other priorities rather than being tied up in peer-to-peer training. It also delivers a consistency of training that is frequently lost when one employee trains the next. The use of wearable technology is proven to achieve better results than traditional methods since it’s interactive and takes place in the employee’s work space versus traditional digital training that occurs away from the workstation.


Empower employees to do their job the right way — every time.

Productivity, safety and quality can all be improved through smart execution with EyeIntelligence (patent pending). This augmented intelligence solution uses each action point in a task as a mapped piece of data that is tracked in the cloud. An employee’s smart glasses can communicate with that database to identify when they deviate from the correct procedure. Not only is the error detected, but the wearable device provides visual corrective prompts in real time and simultaneously logs these actions into the cloud to drive business analytics. In essence, EyeIntelligence is smart glasses technology merged with augmented intelligence to create an optimized workforce.


As multiple workforce and geopolitical factors combine to present an ever-changing environment across the food industry landscape, organizations are naturally searching for meaningful, innovative solutions to their particular challenges. With our commitment to the food business and early leadership in the use of smart glasses technology for industry-specific applications, we’re uniquely positioned to help.

Our food industry and smart glasses technology experts can consult with you to develop the right plan, together with the right hardware and software, to meet your organization’s distinctive use case. We can also help you to successfully conduct change management initiatives as you integrate new programs into your operations.

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