NSF provides consulting services for the water industry in the areas of regulatory compliance, water safety plans and water safety risk assessments. We deliver cost-effective, world-class solutions. Our consultants have significant scientific and technical expertise and remain current in the latest technologies and developments.

Water Regulatory Compliance

NSF provides unique, expert consultancy services for the UK market covering:

  • Contamination and performance issues that relate to water supply and plumbing systems
  • Product and system compliance with UK regulations and standards
  • New product development

Water Safety Plans and Risk Assessments

Water is essential for many applications including industrial processes, hygiene, food processing and consumption – but with its many uses and benefits, it also poses risks. Traditionally, it was thought that water could only be harmful through the consumption of contaminated water in the potable water system, but studies have shown that safety concerns come in microbiological, chemical and physical forms and can cause harm by inhalation of water droplets and by skin contact, as well as by ingestion.

With the complexity of water management, the passive monitoring of water quality in all areas of a building is no longer sufficient for ensuring water quality and safety. NSF can help you develop a water safety plan that identifies risks for a variety of water hazards or we can provide a risk assessment specifically for Legionella.

Our experts can help you minimize the risks associated with water in your buildings or facilities by suggesting improvements, identifying hazards and recommending measures so your team can develop a more comprehensive water risk management program.

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