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Companies today are facing exponential technological changes that affect their businesses and their ways of doing work. The services we provide generate data and a lot of inter-related information which might not be necessarily exploited by the company itself because of complexity and spread. Data management, augmented (or assisted) reality, wearable technology and the use of artificial intelligence are some of the fields wherein NSF has been developing tools and applications that help the industries we operate with.

NSF Connect

What if you could simplify your audits and compliance, have access to your information at your fingertips, and review what matters to you all with the click of a button? With NSF Connect, now you can. NSF Connect lets you easily manage your data and stay current on requirements, all in once place at any time from any device. NSF Connect is a secure, cloud-based portal that allows clients to manage their audits, test reports, corrective actions and accounting information, while also providing valuable business intelligence and trends analysis data.


EyeSucceed brings together the power of augmented intelligence and smart glass technology to transform how the food industry addresses real-world challenges like high labor costs, employee training and consistent execution. EyeSucceed is the food industry’s smart glass expert, working with clients in foodservice, retail and the supply chain.

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TraQtion is an advanced cloud-based quality and compliance software that helps retailers, restaurants and manufacturers to proactively manage their supply chain, sites and product quality all in one place. TraQtion was developed by NSF to help our customers maintain a higher level of food safety and quality compliance and is now available to all companies looking to make smart decisions based on timely, insightful information. With TraQtion, you can track quality and compliance from the macro to minutiae, anticipate problems and take corrective measures, wherever you are. Working in the cloud, you and your suppliers can access the system anytime, anywhere, so you are always in the loop.

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SMART Predictive Scheduling

SMART predicts when and where in the future your risks will change and enables you to schedule your audit program to make effective interventions at the most appropriate time, before an incident occurs. Designed for large multi-site businesses, SMART uses predictive analysis techniques to allow you to prioritize your interventions and free up resources for wider proactive compliance support within a process of continuous improvement.

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