As a retailer you are responsible for thousands of food products and even more SKUs, with  private label products requiring additional capabilities and resources to manage. Ensuring the quality of the products you carry or produce is a complex endeavour, given the global supply chain and ever-increasing diversity of products. Growing your business requires managing all aspects of consumer buying criteria (including price, quality claims, packaging, nutritional value, taste and look, food safety perception and total experience) before launching a product.

We can help you in these areas as well as solve challenges such as how to:

  • Test new products and measure market needs to help ensure success
  • Develop and monitor products to comply with legislation now and into the future
  • Ensure packaging is designed to stimulate buying behaviour and product information is compliant with labelling regulations
  • Develop healthier products that our customers are expecting
  • Test products on a targeted consumer panel before store launch
  • Get labelling review in multiple languages for international markets to comply with all regulations
  • Understand and improve consumers’ shopping experience
  • Deal with and understand consumer complaints to improve products

From field to fork…

NSF can assist you along your entire product lifecycle to evaluate and improve the success of your private label food products as well as other food products and experiences.

…and from product ideation to consumer feedback

NSF combines food-related technical services and consumer insight services to add value throughout the complete product lifecycle and help you succeed in the market.

Our Services

We provide services through all product phases from development to growth.

Product Development Phase

Animated product ideation sessions
Desk research
Focus groups
Recipe development advice
Sensory testing
Expert panel discussions (focus groups)
Cooking labs
Trade-off surveys
Supplier audits
Food analysis

Product Introduction Phase

Sensory testing
Face-to-face interviews
In-home product testing
Pack copy review
Packaging and labelling translations and review
Specification management
Regulatory surveillance

Product Maturity Phase

Specifications review
Competitive benchmark analysis
Customer satisfaction surveys
Customer hotline
Complaint handling
Regulatory surveillance

Product Growth Phase

In-store trackers
Focus groups
Online surveys
Competitive benchmark analysis
Regulatory surveillance
Complaint handling

Why NSF?

By working with NSF’s highly experienced team of experts in marketing and food sciences, you can:

  • Better address the increasingly stricter consumer demand for food safety, innovation, ease of use and sustainability
  • Focus on your core responsibilities as a product/category manager, product developer or marketer while we provide you with objective input to make the right decisions about your products
  • Leave the recurring and routine tasks to an expert team of nutritionists, food technologists, market research professionals and regulatory experts who fill in where you are shorthanded
  • Keep oversight, regardless of the size of your company and the amount of stock lying on the shelves
  • Keep budgets under control, get a transparent view of budgets and increase overall budget flexibility

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