Product Life-Cycle Management Services

NSF can help you throughout all stages of the product life cycle with bespoke expertise on product quality, nutrition, environmental aspects and labelling, as well as deliver insights in consumer trends, market positioning and the competitive landscape.

Our in-depth knowledge of the complete life cycle helps you:

  • Address a product’s limited (shelf)life
  • Resolve the challenges associated with each stage
  • Develop different marketing approaches for each life-cycle stage


We provide business, market and product information to help you:

  • Extend your products’ life cycle
  • Reduce time to market
  • Improve product quality, taste and nutritional aspects
  • Improve labelling and packaging design
  • Reduce development costs
  • Identify potential sales opportunities based on product and sales data

All of these aspects increase the likelihood of product success in the market.

Our expertise in product development and marketing research, and the diversity of our professional backgrounds, help organizations to overcome these complexities and the development challenges they face throughout the complete product life cycle.

Product Life-Cycle Management

We combine food science-related services and marketing research techniques to provide a wide range of support services and solutions for retailers and wholesalers throughout the entire product lifespan.

Developing Your Product

Developing and positioning a new product requires gathering a lot of market information: trends, competitive analysis and marketing research. Failing to do this can cost a lot of money and resources in developing and commercializing a product with low attractiveness.

We can design and implement quantitative and qualitative studies, analyse outputs and make recommendations in defining the perfect product positioning, which will help inform product formulation.

Sourcing the right quality ingredients from the right suppliers to match your product positioning is of paramount importance. NSF can support you in selecting, evaluating and controlling ingredients and suppliers through services such as specifications management, labelling, and second- or third-party audits.
Once the product has been formulated, we can provide sensory testing (expert panels, first production panels, consumer panels, etc.) to make sure the product displays the intended attributes. We can also help you design the right artwork for your product through benchmark analysis.

Introducing and Growing Your Product

We can help you define a promotion strategy that focuses on the key attributes that provide your product’s competitive advantage. We can also provide monitoring programs to make sure your product keeps that competitive edge (including quality control, complaints management, benchmark analysis and sensory testing).
We also analyse sales figures to determine how well the product performs and provide recommendations on the way forward.

Improving or Revamping Your Product

A product in the market does not perform in isolation. Competitors catch up, developing and introducing new products. Consumer and media trends impact product sales. Authorities can enforce new regulations or guidelines, for example less sugar, fewer preservatives, less fat and so on. All these can threaten product sales.

NSF can help you improve or revamp your product in line with new developments and trends. We can conduct a competitive analysis, a benchmark analysis and other quantitative or qualitative studies.

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