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In the highly competitive food and beverage landscape, juggling tight margins and changing consumer preferences are huge challenges. Add increased regulations and complex supply chains, and keeping an eye on the big picture becomes a seemingly impossible task. What’s more, all companies in the supply chain — manufacturers, retailers and restaurants — are impacted by recall risks which can have a large and costly effect on brand reputation.

TraQtion™ is an intelligent, cloud-based software suite that enables retailers, restaurants and manufacturers to build safe, transparent and sustainable supply chains for their brands.

TraQtion can help reduce the risk of supplier non-compliance and product recalls by detecting operational risks in real time. Simplify supplier quality with automation. Publish product specifications to track ingredients. Innovate and launch new products at a faster pace. Control product quality through closed-loop product evaluations and compliance management. Leverage the consolidated, centralized data to measure sourcing practices against corporate sustainability commitments. Proactively anticipate problems. Take corrective measures. You and your suppliers can access all of this data anytime and anywhere.

The suite includes three solutions:

  • Supplier quality and compliance
  • Product quality and specification
  • Sustainability performance reporting

Join the innovators who use TraQtion™ software to reduce recall risks, gain speed to market and proactively protect their brands.

Learn more at www.nsf.org/digital-solutions/traqtion.

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