Technical Services

You can focus on your activities while NSF provides a broad spectrum of technical, high-end expert support services that enable you to organize your quality assurance and control activities effectively and cost-efficiently. We can provide you with expertise for:

  • Quality control
  • Product development
  • Internal audits
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Label review
  • Supplier assurance
  • Catering contract management

Our technical support services are managed through professional quality management tools and applications that provide you fast (real-time) and dashboard-style overviews and reports, which let you to identify priorities in a snap. We can also work using your own systems and tools.

We can act as an expert for a single or a few steps of your business processes, or we can take care of the complete process.

Team of Experts

Our experts include veterinarians, bio-engineers, food technologists, dieticians, medical experts, senior consultants, regulatory experts and many more. This enables us to provide an answer to a large spectrum of high-end need for expertise within your specific business processes. Each year, our technical services team:

  • Investigates and responds to more than 20.000 consumer complaints (food and nonfood)
  • Verifies and validates over 3.000 product labels and specifications
  • Interprets and reviews more than 10.000 food lab analysis reports
  • Reviews and advises on compliance of more than 5.000 product specifications against our client’s sustainability goals
  • Frequently reviews and validates supplier audit reports for our international network of clients

In-House Technical Placements

Are you temporarily or structurally in need for specific technical expertise? Our experts can work at your premises for a designated time (short- or long-term), bringing instant expertise into your processes and departments.

Depending on the details and requirements of your project, we assign the right person or an entire functional team, and mutually define the project targets and timeline for delivery of the outcomes. Our project manager keeps track of our expert’s performance against targets and regularly meets with you to evaluate project progress.

Our placement services are backed by NSF’s global network of experts and consultants, which gives our teams instant access to information all around the world — it’s like getting the knowledge of hundreds of experts for the price of one!

Our Specialties

Although we can accommodate most business processes for companies in the food supply chain, we specifically have built a high level of expertise and proven track records in the areas of:

  • Specification management
  • Product label validation and translation
  • Pack copy review
  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Supplier approval procedures
  • Foodborne illness crisis management
  • Legionella contamination handling
  • Consumer complaint management
  • Information hotlines
  • Contract catering quality management
  • Professional coaching of your QA team members

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