Implementing an effective audit system enables companies to ensure compliance with legislation, with international or their standards, to improve their businesses and reach their corporate objectives, and to help ensure the health and safety of their consumers and employees.

Audits help detect irregularities, prevent foodborne illnesses, monitor and manage performance, and protect your company’s brand image. It enables you to set up a continuous improvement system and focus on growth opportunities for your organisation.

Our Auditing Services

Our auditing services range from supplier audits on behalf of retailers, catering companies to health & safety, food safety and food quality audits for the hospitality sector.

Our Approach to Audits

To us, audits are more than just a check-up and scoring of your operations. Audits are the means to help you improve your performance and compliance. That’s why we put a lot of effort into our debriefings, the quality of our reports and the management of data we collect through our audit activities.

Our IT Systems

Our audit platform NSF Connect gives you full business and supply chain transparency and control, through a user-friendly dashboard. You can track audit status in real time, and see and address corrective action requests.

Food Safety Audits Supplier Audits Food Quality Audits
We verify the effective application of the food safety laws and your food safety guidelines, while checking your measuring equipment (thermometers), collecting food samples for analysis and checking the hygiene of your surfaces and crockery. To ensure your supply chain is trustworthy, we can audit your main suppliers  and ensure they comply with regulations or certification schemes. The quality of food served on your consumer’s plate is as important as its hygiene. We benchmark your food offer (menus, recipes, ingredients) against the most recent health and sustainability trends and guidelines, and consult you in improving your ecological footprint and the nutritional value and balance of your offer.
Kitchen Safety Audits Retail Store Audits Mystery Shopping
We verify your kitchen’s compliance with health & safety regulations. We identify and report loose tiles, slippery floors, electrical hazards, safety flaws in machinery and appliances, and incorrect attire or use of personal protective equipment. In-store auditing can consist of different elements, such as expiry date verifications, general food safety, product placement, fresh counter audits, workshop audits, and so on. We can develop a programme tailor-made to your needs. We work with innovative companies and leverage our own consumer insights to provide different types of mystery visits. Working with a scenario and actors or crowd-sourced input? It is all possible.
Smiley Pre-Audits IFS/BRC Pre-Audit Kitchen Infrastructure Audits
To prepare for obtaining a smiley (Belgian food safety label for HORECA), we can perform pre-audits to establish where you’re at so you close the gap to obtain your smiley with success. This pre-audit consists of a documentary audit, an infrastructure audit and a general food safety audit. Are you preparing for an IFS or BRC certification? Based on a gap analysis (pre-audit) we can establish the action items to obtain your certificate with success. Hygiene legislation requires that your kitchen infrastructure is compliant and prevents any source of contamination. We perform yearly check-ups of your facilities and provide you with valuable input to maintain, repair or replace any non-compliant infrastructure.

Accredited Scheme Audit Services (Third-Party Audits)

Due to increased complexity of the current food supply chain, many of the world’s largest food retailers are requesting supplier certification to Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) schemes, which include SQF, BRC, IFS, FSSC, GLOBALG.A.P. and BAP and CanadaGAP.

NSF companies are the leading global certifier to GFSI benchmarked standards, with proven technical expertise, experienced auditors and capacity for a timely path to certification.

To learn more about our certification services please visit our Certifications page.

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