Nonfood Compounds

We provide product safety assurance for:

  • ISO 21469 hygienic lubricants
  • Food-grade lubricants
  • Cleaners, degreasers and water treatment chemicals

Registration Program

NSF’s nonfood compounds registration program is an independent, third-party review that evaluates proprietary substances and nonfood compounds intended for use in food processing environments.

Nonfood compound registration includes the following components:

  • Formulation review: We provide an independent review of ingredients against the requirements of 21 CFR and/or other acceptable regulations for a specific end use.
  • Label review: We verify that the label has no misleading claims and includes appropriate end use instructions.
  • Traceability: Registered products must bear the NSF registration mark and include the applicable category code.
  • NSF’s White Book ™ listing: Registered products are listed online at

ISO 21469 Certification

The ISO 21469 program certifies lubricants used in specialized industries such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and animal feed manufacturing. NSF provides an independent, third-party assessment of a lubricant’s compliance with hygiene requirements established by this ISO standard. Lubricants certified by NSF bear the official NSF ISO 21469 certification mark on their packaging and labels.

With the ever-increasing need to limit the introduction of chemical and physical contaminants in the food and beverage processing environments, manufacturers are looking for lubricants that support quality programs and comply with HACCP requirements.

Certification Benefits

Certification to ISO 21469 allows you to:

  • Expand your business in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or animal feed industries
  • Provide a risk mitigation solution to meet the needs of food processors
  • Meet the needs of your clients as they implement risk reduction practices
  • Strengthen your credibility and distinguish your products
  • Demonstrate your product’s safety and quality to your customers
  • Ensure brand protection
  • Use the globally recognized NSF mark

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