Training and Development

We create integrated training solutions for your business, customized to your training and development objectives.

Our hands-on and practical training can be delivered on- or off-site and covers different fields of expertise. We adapt the basic training schedule, content and programme to suit your specific needs.

The benefits of on-site customized training are numerous: Your employees don’t have to travel and we focus on your specific activities, train in your own surroundings and adapt exercises to your products, manuals and processes.

We provide the following training courses for different sectors:

Audience Subject
Unit managers, regional managers HACCP
Employees Basic hygiene and food safety training including allergen management procedures
Quality managers, general management Internal auditor training according to ISO 9001 requirements
Quality assurance employees Hygiene auditing
Quality managers, QA employees Food law update training (country-specific and/or European legislation)

The majority of our on-site and customized training programs are available in many European languages.

Some training is eligible for funding through professional associations or regional governments, depending on your activity or company address. Please contact us through our contact form to check if your project is suited for specific funding.

Do you have a specific subject you would like to train your employees in? Contact us to inquire about our solutions and services:

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