Prepare for Reopening and the Future: New Food Equipment and New Requirements

 In Food Equipment

NSF’s food equipment team has first-hand experience in knowing that the ”new normal” is going to look very different for restaurants and retail outlets. Every day we get inquiries about the hygienic design of new equipment types or existing equipment that will be upgraded. Transparent screens to protect food, diners and staff; robots (serving and preparing food) and hand sinks at sanitizing stations for staff and the public are a few examples.

If you produce or will be using any of this new equipment and have queries about hygienic design or suitability for a food service environment, reach out to us!

We can educate you on the hot topic of hygienic design and cleanability, review your prototype and even register or certify your final product, if you wish to showcase your compliance. This means your customers can be reassured it meets hygienic design requirements and is cleanable. And when in doubt about the best way to incorporate the new equipment in your kitchen, our colleagues of the food safety team can advise on new processes and best practices.
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QC at restaurant kitchen standing with chef - Value of Sanitation Certification of Food Equipment | NSF