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Consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of healthy eating every day.  They want to find product information quickly and clearly on the package to be able to make better food choices.

The Nutri-score system helps meet these expectations!  It originated in France and was quickly adopted in the Belgian market, followed by Spain and the Netherlands. By mid-2020, Germany will also start applying it.

Santé Publique in France developed this program in 2017 and continues to improve it. Currently, the use of this nutrition label has been extended to all countries of the European Union. With the support of both consumer organizations and the Plan National Nutrition Santé (PNNS) 2019-2023, steps are being taken, together with the European Commission, to make its use compulsory in the near future.  The promotion and use of the Nutri-score label in the EU and its extension to the catering sector are other important points in the French PNNS.

A method for calculating the score has been set in Belgium. The scientifically validated calculation method takes into account the preference for the use of elements such as fibers and proteins, as well as the restriction of the use of salts and saturated fatty acids.

The calculation of the Nutri-score is much more complicated than it seems. Behind the simple colored letter, which is easily recognized and understood by the consumer, lies a complex system of algorithms depending on the food category.

For products with multiple ingredients, the percentage of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and oils that goes into the calculations will have to take into account several parameters, such as their condition, their manufacturing process, their variety, etc. The calculation of the Nutri-score is therefore much more complex than it might appear. We can assist you with the calculation of the Nutri-score as well as the reformulation of your recipes to increase your score.

Are you active in the catering sector? Then you can also use this opportunity to offer healthy and balanced menus that meet the nutritional expectations of your customers by joining this system. At the same time, you add an innovative touch to the nutritional quality of your menus.  And as a manufacturer, the optimization of the Nutri-Score will play a role in the success of your products.

NSF will guide you on having the conditions for obtaining the desired Nutri-Score result — Not only with updating your specifications, but also with the registration formalities with the authorities. This will help you avoid incorrect usage of the Nutri-score.

Our versatile team, specializing in dietetics, nutrition, food regulations and technology, are ready to answer your questions so that you can meet the expectations of your consumers.


Rozenn Fumat

Food Safety and Quality Expert

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